CbK Academy Online is the web-based version of Coded by Kids’ in-class tech and innovation education programs for ages 13-24. This course is a combination of self-paced and live instruction providing students tech innovation skills and resources needed to create successful professional futures. Students learn technical skills (HTML and CSS) and concepts used by tech professionals including the process of problem identification, the development pipeline, User Interface Design, and User Experience Design.

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CbK Classroom programs are the foundation of Coded by Kids and are divided into three levels for students to learn basic, intermediate, and advanced web development, digital design, and tech startup focused entrepreneurship concepts. Along with tech-focused concepts students gain critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, and problem-solving skills. The goal of CbK Classroom is to give young people from 8 to 18 challenging, project-based, multi-year programs that prepare them for success in a tech and innovation-driven society.


CbK Explore is the starting point for all Coded by Kids students. Students are exposed to concepts ranging from how the internet works and basic web development to user experience design. CbK Explore gives young people an opportunity to learn what the possibilities are through tech. The students reinforce the skills they learn by building a website using HTML and CSS.

Coded by Kids students and instructors


CbK Launch is the next level for students that have completed CbK Explore and are interested in learning more about the world of technology. In CbK Launch students build on the concepts and skills they gained in CbK Explore. Students begin learning Javascript and build responsive, dynamic websites. Students also learn the basics of how tech startups work.

Coded by Kids students in CbK Classroom


Students use their skills from CbK Launch and CbK Explore, to work on advanced web development and user experience projects. Students learn back-end web development and begin to function as independent developers. At this level, the focus is placed on developing professional skills and real-world experience. Students also gain a deeper understanding of how tech startups and venture capital works.

Coded by Kids Ctrl+Shift students


Ctrl+Shift is our competitive coding competition for teenagers. Teens who participate in Ctrl+Shift compete for a $5000 grand prize by building websites that are judged by industry professionals. Through Ctrl+Shift students are able to put their web development skills into practice in a fun and competitive environment. During Ctrl+Shift teens take part in regular mentor sessions where employees from hosting tech companies help them prepare their projects for judging.


Teach to Learn is how we produce high-quality tech and innovation instructors. Teach to Learn is designed to take adults without prior tech experience, teach them software development, user experience/user interface design, and Lean startup methodologies. At the same time Teach to Learn participants learn to teach tech-focused projected based classes. During the program, participants are also provided with opportunities to gain real-world tech and startup experience to hone the skills they are gaining. In exchange for the education and experience opportunities provided to participants commit to teaching for Coded by Kids for at least 12-months.

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