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Join Coded by Kids’ effort to create a city-wide tech education system by committing to our multi-year CbK Classroom program!

Coded by Kids is looking for Partners in Philadelphia interested in integrating the CbK Classroom program at their school or facility. After 5 years of teaching students technology and design, we learned that the ultimate success of a tech education program and its ability to impact students is dependent on the multi-year commitment of trusted partner. Partners will be selected via an application process and are required to commit to the CbK Classroom program.

Coded by Kids will provide ongoing training and staff development throughout the year to our Partners to make sure students continually receive high quality programming. Potential Partners must be located in Philadelphia and have have existing youth programming in place that serves students ages 8-18.

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The first step to becoming a Partner is completing the Eligibility Quiz.

CbK Classroom

CbK Classroom makes web development engaging and relevant for students ages 8-18. Coded by Kids instructors use project-based learning to help students build industry-relevant skills and prepare them for career opportunities. Along with guided instruction, students use class time to master core tech concepts and build their projects independently. The program focuses not only on technical proficiency but also on building students’ critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities. CbK Classroom is divided into three levels for students to learn basic to advanced web development, digital design, and tech startup entrepreneurship concepts.

CbK Classroom students progress through 3 levels:

CbK Explore

Students are exposed to concepts ranging from how the internet works and basic web development to user experience design. The students reinforce the skills they learn by building websites using HTML and CSS.

CbK Launch

This level is for students that have completed CbK Explore and are interested in learning more about the world of technology. In CbK Launch, students build directly on the foundational concepts and skills from CbK Explore. Students add an additional coding language, Javascript, to their knowledge base and work on projects focusing on end-user activity on their websites..

CbK Accelerate

Using skills from CbK Launch and CbK Explore, students work on projects independently that are self-selected. At this level, the focus is placed on developing professional skills and real-world experience.


Becoming a Partner

CbK Classroom partnerships are intended to be multi-year commitments dedicated to forming a new, city-wide tech education system. We are seeking organizations throughout Philadelphia with existing programming serving ages 8-18 to begin our Partnership by offering the CbK Classroom Explore level course to students. The course is 36 hours total with classes meeting twice a week for 18 weeks during the 2020 spring semester.

Application Process

  • 1. Complete the 'Eligibility Quiz'.
  • 2. If eligible, you will receive an email with a link to an application.
  • 3. Once all applications have been reviewed, finalists will be contacted to schedule on-site visits.
  • 4. Final selected CbK Classroom Partners will be notified after completion of legal documentation.

Application Timeline

October 8, 2019 Application Period Open
November 4, 2019 Application Period Closes
Mid-November 2019 Finalists Notified
November 12 - 30, 2019 Site Visits
December 2019 Partners Complete Administrative and Legal Requirements
January 3, 2020 Selected Partners Notified
January 2020 Orientation and Training for Selected Partners
January/February 2020 CbK Explore Programs Begin at Partner Sites
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Other Ways to Work with Coded by Kids

For those that did not meet eligibility requirements, aren’t ready for a multi-year commitment, or would like to offer our programming to your students but at a different course length or time frame, email us at

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